Tinker with all your friends -
Children's birthday parties at the WERKRAUM

We have great suggestions ready for children of different age groups. All themes are listed below.

Just send us an email with the desired date, theme and number and age of children to kindergeburtstag@werkraum-augsburg.de.

A birthday workshop lasts about 1.5 - 2 hours.

Celebrations at the WERKRAUM
If you would like to come to us, a workshop with up to 8 children costs 110 EUR.
In addition, there is a fee for materials, depending on the topic

If you want to celebrate with more than 8 children, we are happy to do a second parallel workshop with the same theme. The cost for this workshop is also 110 EUR plus the material fee.

Party at home
If you want to celebrate at home, then you will receive a box with all materials, tools and detailed instructions. You can pick it up the day before and bring it back on the next opening day.

.The handling fee is 50 EUR plus the material costs (see below). In addition, there is a deposit of 100 EUR for the toolbox, which you will of course get back afterwards.

Optionally, we have a pavilion (dimensions 3m x 3m) and a beer bench set for a rental fee of 10 EUR each.

Dear parents, you will definitely manage it and your kids will have a great birthday event!

Was für eine Schäumerei

Make your own Bath Bombs and Soaps

In this workshop you will make fragrant little things for bathing fun at home. Together we will make bubbling bath bombs and foaming soaps. You can choose different scents, colors and shapes. In addition, your pieces can be beautifully decorated with additives such as rose petals or lavender.

Use of materials 5 EUR per child


Ein Versteck für all eure Schätze

We build Treasure Chests

An ideal beginner's project for working with wood: In this workshop, we'll carve small boxes together and turn them into truly unique pieces using paints and other materials. Later you can use them as treasure chests or jewelry boxes to store your personal favorite things.

Use of materials 5 EUR per child


WERkel - WM

Your own Table Football in mini format

In this class, each child builds a foosball table the size of a shoebox out of wood. Clothespins are used to make player figures, round sticks are used to make turning handles. We will use hammers, saws and drills to learn the most important steps of woodworking.

Material use 8 EUR per child


Schön SEin mit Leder

Everything made of leather - Bracelets and Key rings

An ideal beginner's project for working with leather: together we will make bracelets and key rings out of leather in this workshop. For decoration you have a wide choice of different cotton threads and beads, you can create your own patterns and design them according to your taste.
We also recommend this for mixed birthdays with boys and girls.

Material use 8 EUR per child


Kleine Gärtner und Umweltschützer

Wildbee House

In this workshop you will learn the basics of woodworking - all age-appropriate, of course. Everyone builds their own wild bee house, which can then be placed in the garden or on the balcony.

The house is made entirely of solid wood, larch on the outside (weather resistant) and birch and reeds on the inside for the nesting holes.

Use of materials EUR 13 per child


Gute Nacht und Schöne Träume


In this workshop we will create our own dream catcher together, which will definitely chase away all evil spirits and may get a special place above your bed.

We will use a variety of (natural) materials such as wool, feathers, shells, driftwood and beads.

Use of materials 6 EUR per child


Es werde Licht

My self-made Desk Lamp

Homework is more fun when you can admire your own lamp on your desk 🙂
In this workshop we work with wood and metal. Also included is a 3m textile cable and the matching light bulb.

Use of materials EUR 18 per child


Alle meine Schätze

Chic Jewelry Shelf

In this class we will build together a storage place for necklaces, earrings and rings, a jewelry shelf for you and all your friends. You can decorate it according to your own ideas with beautiful papers, pens, Brennpeter or glitter stones.

Use of materials 5 EUR per child