Flügel für deine Idee

Start and Boost your Business

You have an idea or a project that absolutely has to get out into the world. And maybe you've already written a concept for it, maybe not, that doesn't matter.

But you are not sure yet about the next step and need an external advisor right now who can give you qualified feedback. And in the best case, this person has already founded a company herself.

Then you've come to the right place!

Bianka - the founder of WERKRAUM - takes time for you and your project and helps you no matter where you are.

"WERKRAUM Augsburg is a successfully founded company, although the fact that it is a successful foundation is not quite so decisive. It's much more important that I don't just get my knowledge from books, but that I've gained real-life experience, that I've even failed with some projects and, of course, that I'm constantly learning.
I know very well that starting a business is something very personal and emotional, perhaps the biggest thing you've done so far... a giant step into unknown territory. And for me, this is exactly where the opportunity for success lies. I look forward to helping you with my knowledge, experience and a great network."

Appointments take place via Zoom and can be requested individually at bianka.groenewolt@werkraum-augsburg.de

For one hour of counselling 50,00 EUR will be charged.