What is the WERKRAUM?

You want to refurbish your old dresser, sew a pretty dress yourself or learn how to weld? All this and much more is possible in the WERKRAUM. We are an open workshop. This means that everyone - whether beginner or experienced hobby craftsman - is welcome and can get creative with us.
We provide you with the room, the tools and professional machines - you bring your ideas that you would like to realize. And if you need help with your project, our consultants will be there to give you expert advice and support.

With the WERKRAUM, Augsburg finally gets a space for more creativity, sustainability and community. Here you can experience craftsmanship, meet great people, discover new talents and pass on knowledge yourself. Open workshops in many other cities in Germany and around the world show that the principle works. In so-called makerspaces, motivated citizens work and make things themselves instead of having them made.

The WERKRAUM is divided into different workshop areas. We have a wood workshop, a locksmith's and blacksmith's shop, a ceramics workshop, a Fablab/electronics workshop, a textile workshop and a children's workshop. In addition to the regular opening hours four times a week, there is also an interesting workshop offer.


What can you do in the workshop?

Have you always wanted to build a special desk or do you have an old chest of drawers in the attic that needs to be spruced up? Does your rim have a knock or do you want to recut a thread that has been turned out?
You have a head full of ideas, but no room for implementation or simply don't have the right tools at hand? Then the WERKRAUM is the right place for you. Here you can easily put your projects and ideas into practice. Even (children's) dreams of knight castles, doll houses, model cars or design jewelry can be realized here.

Or maybe you just want to take a break from everyday life? Then just come by, take a nice book or magazine from our collection in the reading corner and just let the creative atmosphere inspire you.


Can I store my project in the WERKRAUM?

For projects you want to work on for more than a day, we offer free storage. So you can come and build when you feel like it and have the time. In between, your workpiece is safe with us.

If you need a storage facility for a longer period of time, you can also do that for a fee. Please contact us about this and we will discuss it individually according to your space needs.



Who can use the WERKRAUM?

The WERKRAUM is open to everyone who wants to be creative with their hands and technology, from hobby craftsmen to tinkerers, from small to large and from young to old, for students who want to spend a day in our workshops with their class, for students who want to implement their project work.

In our children's workshop you can book a Werkel birthday party for the birthday boy or girl and all their friends, so even children get a place to build.

You don't need any previous experience to use the WERKRAUM. There are experts on site who will be happy to explain everything to you and support you. If you need advice for a whole project, just make an appointment with one of our consultants. So don't be afraid of the machines. Get started on your own project!


Do you get advice in the workroom?

You bet! You bring the idea and we'll help you make it happen: from planning to material lists to machine operation and all the tricks it takes to get your piece done. And of course, the more you come, the better you get!

In addition to consulting, we also offer regular machine classes and beginner workshops. If you need more individual support, then you can book your own expert advisor.


How is the WErkraum financed?

The idea of the WERKRAUM is together to realize an Open Workshop. This also significantly affects the financing of the project. The majority of the running costs are financed through membership fees. Already in the run-up to the opening, 110 Early-Birds have been found who pay a monthly fee for the use of the WERKRAUM. In addition, there is the daily income from the open workshop and course fees for the workshops.

For the equipment of the individual areas we received a donation from the foundation community Anstiftung & Ertomis, which networks and researches spaces and networks of urban subsistence, self-work, do it yourself. Thanks to this grant we were able to purchase the most important machines and tools that are part of the basic equipment of an Open Workshop.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank the numerous donations in kind that companies and private individuals have given us for the WERKRAUM.


Where is the WERKRAUM?

The WERKRAUM is located in a former industrial hall, Hall B3, on the grounds of Martini Park, not far from the heart of Augsburg.

If you don't feel like getting on your bike or taking the car, you can reach the Werkraum by public transport with streetcar line 6 (direction P+R Friedberg West), stop Textilmuseum. In addition, the bus line 36 passes by regularly, the correct stop is Kammgarn.


Who started the WERKRAUM?

When Bianka Groenewolt moved from Munich to Augsburg, she was missing a place where she could realize her projects. So she took the initiative herself and founded WERKRAUM Augsburg gUG at the end of 2014.  

The idea of an open workshop has been around for a while. Pioneers such as the Haus der Eigenarbeit and the Werkbox in Munich or the Kempodium in Kempten were the role models. However, it was a long way from the foundation to the open workshop. After a long period of preparation and planning, a suitable location was finally found. The space in Martini Park is a hall with over 640 square meters, where the open workshops are taking shape step by step.

The team has now grown to over 40 people. The WERKRAUM has more than 130 permanent members who take advantage of the offer and regularly drop by to do handicrafts and be creative. Of course, a project like this, which is largely based on volunteer work, has a few hurdles to overcome. Together, we have been able to overcome all difficulties so far and look forward to a creative and sustainable future at WERKRAUM Augsburg. And we have also been rewarded for our commitment!


We have been awarded the Sustainability Prize of the City of Augsburg.

We are very happy and incredibly proud that the city of Augsburg has awarded the WERKRAUM the Sustainability Prize 2015. Damit hat die Jury all die Arbeit mit einer Auszeichnung belohnt und uns gezeigt, dass wir mit dem WERKRAUM auf dem richtigen Weg sind. The Sustainability Prize has been awarded annually since 2006 to projects that promote sustainable development and climate protection.