Goldsmiths have nothing to do with gold in the first place - wood, plastic, paper, textiles, toy figures, plants, (precious) stones and of course a wide variety of metals such as copper, brass and silver can also be cut into small and sometimes maybe even gold here slightly larger treasures are transformed. Rings, pendants, bracelets, chains, ear studs, brooches, princess crowns and sheriff stars are obvious, but small bottles, cutlery and bowls also want to be brought to life, given away or kept.

The workshop offers space for sawing, forging, rolling, filing, soldering, carving, deepening and punching. If you have not yet gained any experience in making jewellery, the easiest thing to do is simply drop by and talk to our specialist consultants about your ideas - they will also be there to help you with advice and action later on during the production process.

At the moment only workshops are held in the goldsmith's workshop. You can always find all the dates for this on our workshops page .