Why become a member?

... because with a membership you can not only work at the cheapest price - it's worth it from 2 days of work per month - but also the most relaxed, because you pay nothing extra for using the workshop.

And: as a member you have a few other advantages besides the great conditions

  • You will get your own personal protective equipment from us. This consists of a pair of work gloves, safety glasses, a mouth guard, 5 pairs of earplugs and a workroom notebook for all your project ideas and records plus
  • a free individual consultation for your first project at the Werkraum plus
  • a discount on the use of the laser cutter (as a Basic member). With a Plus membership all machines are included for free.

By the way, you contribute to the expansion of our offer and machine park, because the more fixed members we have, the better we can plan and invest on a monthly basis.

You can download our membership form here, fill it out and hand it in at the reception when you visit us.

Werkraum Mitgliedsformular