entwicklung und kreativität mit den Kollegen
team building

Team building is fundamentally about empowering people who work together in some way to do it even better and helping them grow into a real team.

The team building in the Werkraum Augsburg enables you to get new momentum for your cooperation far away from your daily work routine in an inspiring, creative ambience.

An experienced coach will shape the morning with you. You will have the opportunity for reflection and constructive brainstorming. What kind of team are you and where do you want to go together? What are your strengths and what does each individual need to contribute to strengthening the group as a whole?

Construction in the afternoon. Under the professional guidance of a carpenter, your team will build a table together in 4 hours. You will be amazed at what is possible in such a short time when everyone is working together! Solving a task together, getting involved with each other away from the daily routine, not only promotes creativity and cohesion, but also contributes to a new understanding of your own strengths and those of the other team members. Of course, you can take the table with you afterwards. The dimensions of the table - length, width and height - are flexible and will be discussed and determined individually beforehand.

We are looking forward to making this day a special experience for you. Please send us your desired date to kontakt@werkraum-augsburg.de, so that we can make you an offer. The ideal group size for this workshop is 6-10 people.