Children's Workshop

Our little guests make it big in the WERKRAUM. On the one hand, the children's workshop offers a lot of space and room, so that you as mom or dad can work together with your children and create projects.

On the other hand, children's birthday parties can be booked with your dearest friends. Whether with paper, wood, electronics or natural materials, here you can experiment!

We have the following tools and materials in the children's workshop:
- Children's workbench
- Hammers, pliers, Japanese saws
- hand drill
- Fretsaws
- scroll saw
- Brennpeter
- Lots of solid wood scraps and leftover boards
- Construction paper and wrapping paper
- Colours
- Scissors
- Glue
- Glitter and fuse beads
- Fabrics and wool, felts, leather
- and and and...