Camper Conversion part 1: The perfect van is found – first ideas for conversion

In inspiration by bianka

I have been looking for a van to remodel for a lont time. Not really regularly and also not always very intensively, but right before Christmas it had finally happened: I had found it… a Peugeot Boxer with many windows all around, relatively few kilometers and for a good price.

Here the vehicle data for everyone who is interested
Peugeot Boxer
year of construction 2003
L/B/H 5099/2024/2150mm
94kw, 128 PS
64.500 km
Preis 6.100 EUR

It needed an urgent cleaning, inside and outside… that was done quickly. And now I could start to imagine the vehicle and fantasize about it ;D

used van is converted into campervan
Transporter rear view

Ideas for conversion

What should it look like and what do I actually need to feel comfortable in it?

In any case, of course, a bed. The width of the vehicle allows me to install the bed transversely in the back. There is 1,80m space. And it should be flexibly expandable by another sleeping place. Maybe a folding or extendable bed frame? I’ll think about that in more detail later.

Under it I will install a kitchen or a cooking facility with gas to pull out with one or two drawers on heavy-duty slides.

Then of course I need another bench behind the driver’s seats, because my 3 children should also be able to come along on our trips.

For sleeping the kids will get a roof tent with an outside ladder.

I want to darken the windows so that it is not viewable from the outside. For the inside I have thought of curtains made of a cotton fabric.

And we need a storage somewhere to store our clothes and bath and play things. I still need a solution for that.

Generally speaking, I don’t think I need to have everything planned and thought out in detail at this point, because I want to get used to this project and need a bit of time to do that. There are some things that I would like to do anyway before the interior work. These include a new inside roof, a new floor, and I also want to insulate the vehicle all around to make it more usable in both cold and hot weather. These are perfect first jobs to get to know the car and get more ideas for the upcoming interior completion.

Here are some impressions of the actual condition of the new old transporter.

The ceiling is stained and no longer very pretty.

stained ceiliing
stained ceiliing

You can tell by the windows that the car was probably exposed to the elements outside most of the time.

Moss on the windows

The side panels are damaged.

damaged side panels

The radio is very nostalgic… and the speaker covers are broken.

old car radio with Nokia charging station from the 1990s

It also turned out that the underside has some rust holes that need to be welded and repaired. This is more or less a big problem for me, which I can’t do myself. Luckily we have someone on the team who does knows how to repair this. If anyone can do it, he can 🙂

So there’s a lot to do and I’m really looking forward to it!