Camper Conversion part 14: darken the windows themselves – (not)a good idea.

In Built in the workshop, inspiration by bianka

I really wanted to darken the windows, so that you can be more or less undisturbed on the campsite and wherever you want to spend the night.

There are special car window films with different darkness levels. It is best to take the one you like best, measure the windows and then order it.

The film must then be rolled out and roughly cut to size. It is glued on from the inside. The window pane must be sprayed with rinse water, fit the film, squeegee out all air bubbles and cut off the excess with a cutter knife.

My results were there unfortunately very mau, but what the heck … there are still curtains in front of it and then you see that hopefully no more ;D

Cost about 70 EUR