Camper Conversion part 13: a bed to pull out

In Built in the workshop, inspiration by bianka

After the borders of the bed frame were already in place and after the kitchen was also installed, it was now only necessary to install the slatted frame.

Bed frame is already mounted

As I mentioned before, I sawed and planed all the slats from two remaining spruce planks. It took a total of 25 slats – 13 for the actual bed and 12 for the extra extension. With a width of 6cm and a thickness of 2.4cm.

Slatted frame with extension – the complete width can be used for sleeping

On the head side I screwed another bar underneath, so that this extension can easily be put in. This allows me to extend the bed to 2.40m when the back seat is folded down.

The bed turned out great, so flexible. I love it!

Overall, the bus offers so many possibilities and is built pretty flexible.