Camper Conversion part 12: the holy kitchen ;D

In Built in the workshop, inspiration by bianka

The kitchen was actually the most difficult, at least the most difficult in terms of thinking, because everything had to be circled around the kitchen. The space requirement and the size of the kitchen was decisive for how high and wide the bed frame had to be at least. The plan was to put everything on two heavy-duty pullouts and build that under the bed. For cooking, you pull everything out to the back.

For the material, I stuck with 18mm spruce plywood so that would fit together. Again, I got by with a 2.50m by 1.25m board. And as with the shelf, I connected the side panels with shelves and shelves with lamellos and spax.

two kitchen drawers

I sat in front of my plan for a very long time, drawing back and forth, erasing and changing again. But the thing that really brought the enlightenment in the end was to put together everything that should go into the kitchen. From the cooler to the gas bottle to the dishes. Once I had it all in front of me and actually moved things back and forth, I found it easier to divide things up.

And here’s how it looks now:

In the Large Drawer at the bottom, I have a large washing up bowl at the front with all the dishes and pots, bowls, etc., and next to it a 10l water canister. Directly above is a two-burner cooktop, which is powered by gas. The gas bottle stands, separated with a wall, directly behind it.

In front of it, across the cool box, which is easy to reach when the pull-out is completely pulled out. In the drawer above are all the cutlery and supplies. The height of this drawer is 15cm. The measurement has simply resulted because that was all that still fit under the bed frame. In retrospect, I find this 15cm – or actually 13.5 minus the bottom – perfect, because a lot of things can be stacked super pure and from the height is just below.

I also added a latch to each drawer so they don’t accidentally slide out while I’m driving.

The photos of the finished kitchen can be found in the post further back.

Cost for the plate, 2 sanding pads, 30 Lamello dowels and a package Spax about 110 EUR