Camper Conversion part 3: reupholster the sky

In Built in the workshop, inspiration by bianka

The sky… oh heaven… if I take it down now, there’s no going back ;D

But that’s why I bought it. So let’s go!

Car headliner before

The clips were very stubborn to remove. There are probably special lever tools but a flathead screwdriver to stick underneath and an open-end wrench to lever out also worked.

4 handles still had to be unscrewed, lamps pulled off and a few fairing parts unscrewed. Then all three individual parts went smoothly to remove.

I recommend to wear gloves, because the ceiling covering is in my case made of glass wool and it takes a few days until it stops itching and burning ;D

For the covering fabric I chose light gray felt. You can stretch it super in all directions and it’s made specifically for camper and caravan builders. I bought a 2m by 5m roll.

First cut the fabric roughly, with enough overhang over the edges.

Then spray both the template and the felt well and everywhere – especially the edges – with spray adhesive. I used the spray adhesive from Würth. This should now be glued together within the next 10 minutes.

Start on one side, press down piece by piece with your hands and work your way forward evenly until everything is on top of each other and glued.

Now flip the pieces over and neatly trim off any protruding felt with a cutter knife.

protruding felt
cut off cleanly with a cutter knife

Last but not least, carefully burn in the holes with a soldering iron or burning peter. They can be smaller than the holes in the original template, only a 8-10mm mounting clip must go through the hole.

Holes can be burned in with a soldering iron.

That is done. Since I want to insulate the roof from the inside as well and can’t do it today, the installation will have to wait a bit.

freshly covered and ready for installation

Total working time about 4-5h