Camper Conversion part 4: insulate the side walls and doors

In Built in the workshop, inspiration by bianka

After I have dealt more extensively with the subject of insulation and insulation and also researched in forums, the feeling arose that this is a science in itself. Some are convinced that there is still a need for sound insulation under the thermal insulation and others do without it … I have also joined them.

The thermal insulation is a thicker padding and that will already contribute its part also to the sound insulation.

I then decided to use a roll of self-adhesive Armaflex XG with 6sqm and 19mm. The 6sqm is good enough for all wall and door surfaces and 19mm is the appropriate thickness for the cavities.

Basically it was very simple. You just have to measure the surfaces to be covered and cut them with a cutter knife. Then put on the respective insulation pieces or partly also put in and pull off the film on the back. Starting with a corner, then press it on and continue to pull until the film is completely gone at the back and everything is firmly in place. But the most tedious were the small and hard to reach places. I was very glad that my daughter was there and with her little hands much better rankam to pull off the film on the back.

Working time about 4 h

Costs for insulation and cutter knife about 80 EUR

insulated doors back side
finished insulated side wall